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tv   Nancy Grace  HLN  December 20, 2009 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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tonight live. windermere, florida. superstar tiger woods drives out of his compound, barefoot, two hours after celebrations, and has a head-on collision with a tree and eye fire hydrant. his young wife and mother of his two children says she hears the crash from inside, runs out and beats out both back windows of woods' cadillac. woods refusing repeatedly to speak to police, immediately pulling out of his own golf
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tournament as the alleged mi mistresses quickly reach double digits. woods just gets a slap on the wrist, even though he was drinking before the crash and was prescribed sleeping pills and the painkiller vicodin. bombshell tonight. woods' wife, elin nordegren, moving out and taking the two children with her. nordegren, moving to sweden, while woods plans to party with his guy friends over the christmas holidays. we also learned that woods' multi-million-dollar yacht, the privacy is currently being prepped for woods' arrival with repairs, cleaning and being stocked with groceries. why? this as alleged monthly payments
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surface, payments of up to $20,000 a month by tiger to multiple women over the years. well, that alone sounds like enough to send his wife packing, and tonight, re-up that prenup! woods offering nordegren up to $75 million for her to stay in the marriage for just seven years. certain alleged mistresses that most likely didn't get a payoutset to public tell-all books. and is woods still in contact with alleged mistress number one, rachael uchitel? caught on video making a point to show the world she has shed her wedding band. do you blame her? with a full staff, this woman never needs to leave the home, so why send a message to the world?
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crumbs of an alleged payout to witness number one, reportedly $5 million, structured like michael jackson's first multi-million-dollar payout to an alleged boy victim to guarantee silence. a fear two more mistresses set to surface, making the tally at a whopping 16 women. endorsements drying up and paparazzi buzzing like flies, trying their best to nail a shot of woods and his wife to the tune of a million-dollar payout. what really happened to woods? >> elin nordegren has reportedly closed on a family house.
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>> who is going to come forward and say, i'm having tiger's cubs? >> the associated press has voted him athlete of the decade. >> do you still love tiger, elin? will you ever forgive him? >> he is very afraid that elin is going to divorce him and take the children to sweden. >> this could very well be the beginning of the end. >> tiger woods has changed his cell phone number, and he woen even talk to some of his famous friends. >> the other people are making bad moves. >> you see his wife, eli elin nordegren, without that huge diamond ring. >> that's the first sign of divorce. people start taking off the ringsz. >> tiger woods is not out of the woods yet. her troubles are just beginning.
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>> the desperate search for a ten-year-old boy snatched off a school bus. the little boy terrified, seen screaming for help, saying, don't let him take me. it's all caught on tape. in a stunning twist, cops are in on it. they were tricked by the kidn kidnapper. they had texas thortauthorities high alert for jean paul.
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good evening. i'm nancy grace. i want to thank you for being with us. woods' wife, elin nordegren, taking the two children with her. elin planning to go to sweden while tiger holes up with guy friends over the holidays. he will be paying $25,000 a month to multiple women over the
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years. that sounds like enough to send his wife packing. >> tiger's wife, elin, wants out. she's planning to leave him. >> do you think tiger is a sex addict? >> the man that i knew, the tiger that i knew, i would never think that. he never mentioned her, and i never thought about it. >> you go into a marriage, you sign this prenup, and then let's just say your husband has 14 affairs with everyone from a porn star to a waitress at the pancake house. >> jaymie grubbs, a reality show contestant, a waitress. we've got another woman who worked for this lingerie web site. >> could all of these alleged affairs defeat a prenup? >> we've also got former porn star holly sampson who is added to the list, and it goes on and
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on. she is perhaps talking to divorce lawyers. she is definitely mad about everything that's going on, and i don't think you can rule out the fact they're not going to be together. >> is she moving out? is she going to move back to sweden? >> what would you tell his wife elin if she was sitting right here? >> i have no words to explain. >> a lot of these women are claiming two to three-year relationships with him, some in the family home. how difficult will that be for a divorce lawyer to prove? >> it's not going to be difficult. we've got text messages, we've got voice mails. >> it's tiger. >> it's not going to be hard at all. straight out to steve helling with "people" magazine. what can you tell us about elin moving out and moving to sweden? >> elin has pretty much had
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enough. one woman, when that first came out, she decided she was going to stay with tiger and work through it. but every day it seems like another woman keeps coming forward. since that happened, she keeps getting angry and she's decided at this point to take off herring and ithe her ring and move on. she's going to take her children to sweden and we'll see if she ever comes back. >> when those moving vans were at the home in windermere, moving out artwork, where is the artwork going? >> we don't know where it's going right now, but it's definitely a sign of splitting up the assets, moving things out. taking items out of the home? it just shows the home is broken. >> here we have steve with people magazine. he has interviewed woods. steve, what can you tell us about the fact she's going home for the holidays? any suggestion she's not coming
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back? >> we don't know what's in her plans, but what friends are telling us and what sources are telling us is that she's finally had enough. and one thing to keep in mind is that her taking the kids to sweden isn't quite the same with the rest of us if our spouses took the kids to sweden. tiger can fly over there any time, but the point is she needs to be with her family and she needs to be with the people who love her and know her the best, and that's going to be over there. >> what can you tell us about a re-up on the prenup? all the lawyers have been coming on the show saying it's an iron-clad prenup. if it was so iron-clad, they wouldn't be reupping it to the tune of $75 million. what do you know? >> she has told her friends this really isn't about money at this point. she's going to be taken care of one way or the other and she's going to have plenty of money one way or the other. what she's trying to do right now is make sure her kids are
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provided for, that they're happy, that they're hemt i aaltd they'll end up having a relationship with both parents. >> i'm pretty sure that $75 million ought to do it, steve helling, from people magazine. we are taking your calls love. elly is with us. report surfacing, i want to ask you about two things. number one, alleged monthly payments to these various women, some of them up to $25,000 a month, and take this one first, and ellie, put on your mitt, it's a hard ball. what do you know about tiger woods allegedly still in touch with mistress number one. rachael uchitel. is he crazy? >> nancy, there is a report out there. this is from us weekly, i believe, that he has continued to send text messages to rachael uchitel. this is following the car crash, all of this coming to light.
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>> he's behaving like a 13-year-old boy. this isn't serial cheating, this is concurrent cheating. i believe he splits off his wife, who is the mother, and his sexual relationships with other women, and one has nothing to do with the other in his head, and, therefore, it's okay.
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the investigation has
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determined that mr. woods is at fault in the crash. there were reports that there was a domestic dispute before tiger woods left his house. >> elin had found tiger's phone and on it she had seen text messages. >> take your name off that. >> we think the number is up to 13. >> i do not for one second believe he had real relationships with these women. >> we are taking your calls live. out to jennifer in tennessee. hi, jennifer. >> caller: hi, nancy. i'm your biggest fan, and i want to thank you and i love your show. >> jennifer, thank you for calling in and watching. what's your question, dear? >> caller: well, i don't understand how he's getting
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around the reports of the boozing, and he's not being jailed or no charges are coming against him for that, and i know in the south if it were us, we would be in jail. >> man, you're not kidding, jennifer. you know -- well, it wasn't the other night, it was when i was still a prosecutor and that was years ago. i was coming home from an investigation in atlanta, it was late at night. i had been talking to a witness, a piano teacher, until 11:00 at night. i was coming home, sitting at a stop sign. a cop -- i saw the blue light turn on behind me. he got me out of the car and made me take a breathalyzer. needless to say, i passed. but long story short, i was sitting at a stop sign. i didn't plow over a fire hydrant and a tree. out to the lawyers. let's unleash them. raul fielder, author of "getting away with murder," loren lake,
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defense attorney, joining us from columbus, ohio. >> raul felder, i know your expertise is divorce. what about it? i have the results where cops asked for a blood alcohol and the judge refused to honor a subpoena. >> that was a no-no. actually, i was a prosecutor before i got into this. >> i thought you were born a divorce lawyer. i didn't know that. >> no, i was born in the u.s. attorney's office, but you know, cops, for various reasons, just don't pursue things. he's a super celebrity. celebrities get a free ride in our society. >> to me it's sickening. lauren lake, alan ripka. i was a huge tiger woods fan and i still admire his dedication to his sport. he started when he was two or three years old learning the game of golf.
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but i've got it right here where a cop asked permission to get the blood alcohol results from the hospital, and lauren lake, local prosecutors say no. you know darn well, lauren lake, if you got your car up on a fire hydrant and you were lying on the ground snoring near the car, they would get your blood alcohol, lauren lake. and they would be on the nancy grace show. >> probably, but i have to say there are benefits and burdens to being tiger woods. the burden, we're still all up in his business. the benefit, maybe he got the benefit that night where at that moment they didn't feel there was enough evidence to say he was drinking or drunk, anything like that. unfortunately, it is what it is. >> so that's your defense, it is what it is. that means we have to keep it real sometimes and see that things don't go any further
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because people don't want to take it any further. that sounds like a great defense attorney whose client -- >> ripka, jump in! >> nancy, at the end of the day here, we know for a fact he was hit in the mouth by his wife. >> i don't know that. >> that's what we believe happened. >> why did you say we know for a fact. >> there's been reports that happened. >> reports. i also got a report that he was drunk. does that mean he was drunk? no. >> well, there are reports -- >> then don't say we know for a fact if we don't know for a fact. >> we know he was on some sort of narcotic or painkiller -- >> you don't know, either! >> why do you think he was drunk? how do we know he needed a dwai test? we don't. >> because i have right here the cops asking for the blood test that was taken at the hospital. that's how i know. >> not based on evidence. >> but i know a blood test was taken. that's the point. the prosecutors would not allow
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it to be subpoenaed.
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he's bigger than golf, bigger than sports, really. he is a brand. now tiger woods is stepping away from the sport that made him the first billion-dollar athlete. >> he's admitted to transgressions and in infidelity. he's also asking his business partners for understanding. >> eccenture is the first to end their business relationship with tiger. >> right now tiger woods stands for in infidelity, adultery. can you blame them for dumping him? >> these are people who don't
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like to be duped or surprised. here they are looking at tiger now, this scharade. >> we don't know what will become of tiger. >> i think the tiger woods sort of looeg feaving for this indef period of time from golf gives them an out. they don't have to put him at the center of their advertising campaign. >> our chief editorial producer, what can you tell me about tell-all books currently in the works? >> well, life and style is reporting that ian helper, that's a guy that's written books about angelina jolie, michael jackson, he's been approached to write one, but it's his predictions there could be three books coming out in the next six months.
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>> by who? >> i don't know yet. possibly jaymie jonger who is one of those alleged mistresses. >> she says she actually broke it off with tiger woods when she asked him for money. she said she was financially strapped and asked him for help, he said no and she broke up with him. >> show me a shot of jamie jongers. i can keep them straight. join me now with mark. there's jamie jongers. she's the one that broke up with woods when he wouldn't give her any money to get her out of a tight spot. what do you think about these books that are set to be released by three alleged mistresses? i think i've got mark on the line? mark, are you with me? >> see if you can get that line
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straightened up, because i want to hear how much people will make off these tell-alls -- oh, is that ebner? let me know when you get him. in addition, these tell-all books that are allegedly in the works, how much can a paparazzi, or really anybody, me with my cell phone, can you get for a shot of, say, tiger woods with eli nirks in ord irk elin nordegren right now? >> somebody with a photo could get $250,000. >> did you say $250,000? >> i did. >> that's enough to just make you want to leave your job and hang from a tree by your ankles trying to get a shot. their homes, their cars, their yacht must be totally staked out. >> and imagine if the picture had tiger with scratches on his face or bruises or anything like
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that. >> a quarter million dollars for one photo. whew! okay. i want to go back out to the lines. peter in north carolina. hi, peter. >> caller: hi, nancy. thanks for taking my call. >> thanks for calling in, dear. what's your question. >> the first question is i'm not sure that i know how a famous golfer like tiger woods and as involved as he is and always a winner, how he didn't have some kind of help with -- >> peter, i lost you for a second, how what? >> caller: he had to have some type of help to make this happen. >> you are right. it's my understanding that he had a group of people that enabled this. what can you tell me, ellie? >> that's right, nancy, there are unconfirmed reports out there that the way this all worked was that tiger woods had a separate set of employees.
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these were long-term friends who would make arrangements for him, book hotel rooms for him, that kind of thing. >> i think i have mark ebner, editor and journalist. mark, are you with me? >> i'm right here, nancy. >> thanks for being with us. we were talking about three alleged mistresses set to write tell-all books. >> it so happens, nancy, that one of the madams, the self-pro claimed madam that's been allegedly supplying women to tiger woods, she appears in one of them, she called me and now beer knocking around the idea of doing a book. if the money is right, sure, i'll do it. let's find out how some young jewish girl from bakersfield had
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time with tiger woods. >> let's go on the record right now. i don't have one shred of information that any of these ladies are a prostitute. i don't believe that for a minute. they all seem to have jobs, beibe it at a pancake house, an all-night nightclub in vegas, they all seem to have jobs. >> if you can make 10, $20,000 on a weekend during a fling with tiger woods or some other celebrity, you think a cocktail waitress is going to say no to that? i think not, nancy. >> i would think not just a cocktail waitress, but a lot of doctors, lawyers and indian chiefs might do it as well. but what i want to talk to you about is how fast can you put together one of these tell-all books? >> okay, as a rule i don't
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generally do them, but it would be real easy. i would sit down with each madam and i would roll tape for hours and hours and hours. >> i'm not talking about any madam, i'm talking about some of these alleged mistresses that claimed to have an affair with woods. >> what they would do is, you know, a writer would sit down with them, roll tape, and get their story, get every last detail and find out what other clients she had, as a matter of fact, because if she's rolling with tiger, she's rolling with other big people in the sports and entertainment world, you can be sure. you get that all in the book, you turn it around to your publisher, it goes to a first amendment lawyer who line-edits the thing and you crank it out for someone to read. you're better off talking to a guy like ian helper -- >> what we're talking about is people making quick bucks off the tiger woods scenario. out to mary in georgia.
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hi, mary. >> caller: hey, nancy, merry christmas to you and your beautiful angel babies. >> thank you very much. >> caller: my question for the medical people is i wonder if l elin has had any std testing or anything? it's not just the women's stds that tiger slept with, it's everyone they slept with. >> that's a really good question. what have we heard about that, if anything? >> we haven't heard about elin having any medical appointments with anybody, but that's a good point, this is a concern. probably one of the main reasons elin has been packing up and why she's planning to end things with tiger. >> i want to go with the chief medical examiner of broward county, author of "when to call the doctor." doctor, thanks for being with us tonight. there were allegations yesterday about tiger woods' doctor being
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under investigation for using the human growth hormone, getting it into the country and using it. there was absolutely no suggestion that tiger woods ever did that. in fact, the suggestion -- the facts are that he did not, but the doctor, however, is under investigation. what is blood spinning or platelet rich plasma therapy? what is it? >> the platelets are a very small fragment in the blood that when seen in very high magnification in the might be ro scope look like chips of cookie. they contain substances which clot the blood and also substances which are very important in killing. so what people do is they take blood from the individual, they send it to the blood and they receive the high concentration
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of platelets. >> very quickly to steve. steve, you have interviewed woods on numerous occasions. what can you tell us about him? and you covered his wedding. are you surprised about thiz turn of events? >> yes, i am, because he's always come across as a family man who loves his wife ask kids. it's been a surprise to all of us. >> can that be true, karen starr? can he love his wife and kids but engage in all of these affairs. >> absolutely, nancy, he can love them and have a whole different personality when it comes to the other women. he lives two lives. he has this perfect ten and then he has this rebellious boy.
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this schild was -- child was literally dragged off a school bus by a kidnapper. to top it off, the cops were in on it. the kidnapper produced fake custody documents giving him custody of this little boy. michael boyd, the kidnapper, is his father. he's done this before, and last time he took the boy away for two years. two years! did you hear the boy screaming, that's not my daddy, i don't want to go, michael board? >> just a complete and utter
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breakdown of the american judicial system. it's proof that in america it's too easy to lie to the judge and per verse the justice system if you know the loopholes. this is a mexican man. he told the judge in san antonio that his ex-wife stole his child, and then he gave the judge copies of mexican illegal certificates. these certificates, which were fakes, said he was the legal guardian. these were complete fakes, the judge believed it, he ordered the child be given up to his father who did not have custody. the father, that beautiful little ten-year-old child completely vanished. nancy, this is going to make you sick. this man is a millionaire. he has all the money in the world, and he thinks money can buy him whatever he wants. he could be anywhere in the world with this child right now. >> all i can say is he is one s.o.b. tip line, 201-335-6000.
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please help us. the last time he took the boy for two years, where was he? where did he hide out? >> it's our understanding he flew from south of the border all the way to france. it's this treaty he had with france that after two years a judge decided the child needs to go back with mom. mom moved south of the border to texas. she thought he would be safe. >> to susan reed, joining us from san antonio, texas, susan reed, i know you must just be sick at your heart. if somebody shows up with court documents, they go before a judge, there was no real reason to disbelieve him. what do you make of it, susan? >> well, it's tricking trying to trick the court. what he did was he had actually been, at the very beginning of the divorce, granted custody of the child, but that changed. and then the mexican court awarded custody to the mother.
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and he failed to tell the court that. and that's where the trickery really comes from, is what we have alleged and what we perceive as the iffinagling tha he was doing in the courtroom. >> the documents he had were old, and when he presented them as if they were legitimate, that turned them into fakes. sergeant scott hang, sheriff santa rosa county, florida. scott, you're a cop. do you just take any person who says they don't want to go with him? >> absolutely not, and with an
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out-of-country document to be presented to the judicial system and taken at face value without substantiating that is actually quite disturbing. usually they will go through a process of verifying that, making sure it did come from a judge, making sure there are no other orders in effect that supercede that, and to watch this kid just cry and cry and the officer have to take him off the bus, i don't blame the officer, but i do blame the court system. >> you don't know how this pains me to hear this. listen to this and you will see why i'm so disturbed about this child's kidnapping .
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i want to go out to dr. joshua perper. dr. perper, is there any way to determine if there have been, when we get this kid back, if there have been injuries to him? say bruises are faded away. can you look, for instance, on an x-ray to see if this child has been abused, possibly broken fingers, hands, arms? >> if there is evidence of abuse
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in the past, it can be shown. if there are changes in the bone, what they call callous but such a child has been obviously psychologically abused and, again, something that can be determined by a psychologist or a psychiatrist. >> dr. perper, i know you have seen a lot of sad stories as a medical examiner but hearing this kid screaming and crying on the school bus is just killing me. everybody, as we go to break, easter seals and megan's house open their doors to special needs children and their families. the program formed in wannabethebiscuit, georgia, from a rare chromosome disorder. megan's house provides round the clock medical care to children, a second location now open. their dream, to open a third
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megan's house and move into a larger, better facility at the original location. if you want to help, send to easter seals southern georgia, 1906 palmyra road, albany, georgia, 31701 or call 229-439-7061. there's megan.
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of the school bus, cops helped because of faked child custody documents. clark goldband, what can you tell me about the child's cell phone? >> just days after jean paul had been taken, nancy, a cell phone arrived in the mail to jean paul's mom. the only clue on the package was the postmark was from there in san antonio. so it's not clear where he may be. we know jean paul's dad has recently gotten remarried and could be all the way in russia. that's where his wife is from and maybe south of the border -- >> did you say he's multimillionaire?
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>> yes. >> and the way to find a rich man is to follow the money. there will be a way to find him if he's got all that money. look at his accounts. to caryn stark, psychologist in new york. why doesn't anybody listen to the child? he was telling police no, no, no. >> it's a 10-year-old boy, nancy, who knows more than the people who are supposed to be protecting him. it doesn't make any sense at all. here's a child -- when you see a child react that way, something is very wrong. he is even saying this is not my father. we have to believe that something emotionally abusive has happened to him. it's so awful. >> michael, why won't he put in jail the first time he did this? >> why wasn't he put in jail the first time? >> yes. >> this actually -- it happened down in mexico. and that's the reason why the mother came here to san antonio. she was trying to get away from this guy because she knew it was going to happen again. >> mexico, say no more. everyone, let's stop and remember navy petty officer second class joseph schwedler.
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27, crystal falls, michigan, killed in iraq. left studies at michigan state to enlist. on a second tour awarded the bronze star, purple heart, global war on terrorism service medal, sea service deployment ribbon. a natural leader. had a smile that lit up a room. loved sports, outdoors, skiing, traveling, time with family and friends. leaves behind parents, sister, brother. joseph schwedler, american hero. >> thanks to our guests and especially for you to being here and thank you to south carolina and tennessee friends, martha and kathy, for these prayer bears for the twins. everyone, i'll see you tomorrow night 8:00 sharp eastern. and until then, god bless little jean paul who was lost to his mother tonight. good night, friend.
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